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Welch Insurance Agency, LLC draws on considerable experience in the insurance industry working with a wide variety of carriers and clients. While we’ve successfully addressed all types of insurance situations, our work is always guided by a core set of principles.


All policies are not the same. As you stand in front of your house after a large disaster, is your first thought “I am glad I got the cheaper insurance.”  For many people, a home is their largest asset. Given the amount of investment you have in your home, wouldn’t you want to make sure it is protected with the same level of care you put into choosing it? When a loss occurs, who your insurance advisor is and what type of company they partnered you with become far more important. Don’t wait until after a loss to learn if you are truly protected.


The recent flooding in Louisiana underscored what we all know, but often forget: Flood is one of the most important types of insurance to have, and yet it remains one of the least purchased. It is one thing to hear the often-quoted numbers in abstract such as:

  • Flood is the most common natural disaster
  • On a 30-year mortgage there is a 1 in 3 chance of flood
  • Over 20 percent of flood claims are from homes outside of high-risk flood areas

Despite all of that, it has been reported that only 1 in 8 homes affected by the Louisiana floods had flood insurance. It is all too easy to assume that it won’t happen where you live here in Florida. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize that a standard homeowners policy does not cover flood.

Welch Insurance Agency makes it easy to secure flood coverage. Florida is surrounded by water. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a flood loss cannot happen to you.


Enjoy all of your Florida recreational vehicles with the peace of mind of having good, solid insurance coverage. So, put on your helmet, your skipper’s hat or whatever suits your fancy! Welch Insurance has got all your toys covered!

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Some people begin their auto insurance search online looking for the best deal available.  But with all of the different coverage and company options, are you sure you know what the best deal is?  If you total your car tomorrow, do you know how much you will be paid?  Do you have enough liability protection to cover your assets if you are found liable in an auto accident?  Do you have coverage for your own injuries if you are seriously injured by an uninsured motorist?  Don’t wait until after the accident to find out what sort of coverage you have. Speak with us now so you aren’t left with regrets…and a large bill later.


Having the right life insurance is pivotal in planning for the future of you and your loved ones. Life insurance can help you fulfill promises you’ve made your family when you are gone. Not only can life insurance provide assurance for your family after you are gone, many life insurance options offer other benefits and investment opportunities you can take advantage of while you are living.

The right life insurance will be unique and dependent on personal and financial needs. Don’t leave the future of you and your loved ones to chance. Welch Insurance can help you find the life insurance coverage for you, and help ensure that your policy continually meets your needs.


Your business isn’t just your dream – it’s your livelihood. Protecting your livelihood is crucial. Growing a successful business today may be harder than ever before. Emerging technologies, change in consumer demands, and fierce competitors make success difficult enough. Having an experienced insurance agent on your team is vital to maximize profitability. We can help you protect your business by providing customized insurance solutions to support your business and your budget.